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Welcome to Lisa Malicki Cleaning Service,  Serving the South Beaches (St. Pete, Treasure Island, Seminole, Northeast, Largo.), and neighboring areas, Discount on First Cleaning over 2 hours. Call or Text Now 727-744-0594 or email,

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Isn’t it nice coming home to a CLEAN HOUSE?


Wouldn’t it be nice to have that feeling over and over again?

With Lisa’s Cleaning Service I strive to provide you with just that. As I see it “cleaning” your home and“maintaining” your home are two very different things. This is why I created a housekeeping rotation system. This unique system is a two step cleaning system that is divided and rotated between visits. It was designed to aid in maintaining your home cleaning long after I’ve left, giving you both a personal and financial benefit!

In order to allow for a smooth transition between “cleaning” your home and “maintaining” it, the first visit I will begin with a complete deep cleaning. This will place your home into my “maintenance” program. However, everything can be negotiated. And of course extra work, extra fees.

I find this to work the best for both parties.

During future visits I will then alternate between each phase while providing a thorough cleaning to the rest of the home.

take pride in  protecting your privacy and my reputation very seriously. I proudly serve all the beaches and St. Petersburg.

For more information please: email me for a Free Estimate  or call 727-744-0594

My Services



Every visit rotating visit

  • Ceiling Fans Dusted
  • Backsplash Disinfected
  • Cobwebs Removed
  • Cabinet Fronts Washed
  • Countertops Disinfected
  • All Fixtures Cleaned
  • Light General Straightening & Polished
  • Sink Scrubbed & Disinfected
  • Clean All Woodwork
  • All Appliance Exterior Cleaned
  • Doorframes & Polish
  • All Other Surfaces Wiped Clean
  • All Furniture
  • Floors Vacuumed & Washed
  • Window Blinds Dusted

Every visit rotating visit

  • Cobwebs Removed
  • Shower Tile & Grout Scrubbed
  • Toilets Disinfected Inside & Out
  • All Furniture Deep Cleaned
  • Tub & Shower Thoroughly Cleaned
  • All Lights Dusted
  • Chrome Fixtures & Hardware Cleaned
  • All Fixtures Polished
  • Vanity Tops Cleaned
  • Window Blinds Cleaned
  • Towels Folded on Rack
  • Furniture Vacuumed
  • Mirrors Cleaned
  • Baseboards Cleaned
  • Floors Vacuumed
  • Trash Emptied
  • Window Sills Wiped Down

  • Ceiling Fans Dusted
  • All Furniture Deep Cleaned
  • Cobwebs Removed
  • Woodwork & Doorframes
  • Mirrors Cleaned
  • Lights Cleaned
  • Light Straightening
  • Baseboards Dusted
  • Lampshades Wiped Down
  • Furniture is Vacuumed
  • Carpet Vacuumed
  • All Surface Dusted
  • Trash Emptied
  • Window Blinds Dusted

  • Ceiling Fans Dusted
  • Furniture Deep Cleaned
  • Cobwebs Removed
  • Woodwork Doorframes
  • Light General Straightening
  • All Molding Deep Cleaned
  • All Other Surfaces Wiped Cleaned
  • Baseboards Dusted & Washed
  • Cushions & Pillows Fluffed
  • All Pictures Wiped Clean
  • Lampshades Wiped Down
  • Upholstered Furniture Vacuumed
  • Floors Vacuumed or Washed
  • Trashed Emptied

Below are some additional services which can be added to your standard clean:

  • Complete Oven Cleaning         
  • Washing of Clothes                           
  • Complete Refrigerator & Freezer Cleaning  

24 hour notice is always in effect with Professionals, therefore, to avoid charges you must give 24 hour notice to reschedule or cancel.